Montana Court Sends Wind Farm Clash to California

Dispute revolves around danger to nesting eagles

Montana’s Supreme Court says a contract dispute involving a Montana wind farm’s potential to harm nearby nesting eagles should be heard in California.

The state high court on Friday ordered District Judge Brenda Gilbert to dismiss a lawsuit brought by wind farm developer NaturEner against San Diego Gas and Electric.

SDG&E last year filed a lawsuit in California accusing NaturEner of concealing the potential for eagles and other birds to be harmed by the 126-turbine Rim Rock wind farm near Cut Bank.

NaturEner filed a competing lawsuit in Montana, alleging SDG&E wanted out of an unfavorable contract.

Justices said one of two contracts at issue in the case required the parties to litigate their disputes in California, and it would be more efficient to handle related issues in a single court.

  • taxpayer22

    Endangered birds should not be legally killed if they really are scientifically in danger. Otherwise, it is just more political theater.

  • Brother Mateo

    OK, so ya can’t use coal. global warming/climate change/climate disruption ya know. Now, ya can’t have wind turbines. Kills too many birds. Hmmm, let’s see… Hydro can be a problem for fisheries. Can’t have nuclear. Way too dangerous. so…Solar it is. Except, the batteries cause a lot of pollution to make, and need ores from mining. Hmmm. Time to just shut off the lights.

  • Bill Milner

    Each year, 573,000 birds are killed by turbines.