FVCC Honors Symposium Lecture Series: “Managing the Integrity of the Wild”

Series features Jim Williams, former FWP Wildlife Program Manager

On March 2, join the community for a discussion with Jim Williams, former FWP Wildlife Program Manager for Northwest Montana.

Williams supervised a talented group of research and management related wildlife biologists, as well as programs ranging from grizzly bear research and management to habitat conservation and acquisitions. He did his undergraduate work at San Diego State and Florida State Universities and his graduate work at Montana State University in Bozeman.

Williams has worked for Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks for more than 24 years and is currently the Regional Supervisor for FWP in Northwest Montana. He studied mountain lion ecology on Montana’s Rocky Mountain Front and in the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex for his master’s degree.

As a field biologist for FWP in central Montana, Williams managed big game populations, initiated wildlife habitat acquisitions, worked cooperatively with private landowners and conducted aerial surveys of big game populations.

The Flathead Valley Community College Honors Symposium offers FVCC students and members of the community six opportunities in February and March to hear experts address various topics that support this year’s theme, “The Way Forward Why Change is Inevitable.” The college brings these free lectures to the community to provide credible and substantive information on important topics of public interest.

The March 2 lecture runs from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.