Kootenai National Forest Conducting Visitor-Use Surveys

Local agency seeking new information to study recreation trends over time

U.S. Forest Service employees with the Kootenai National Forest are collecting information from visitors and recreationists to help inform future planning and management efforts.

The visitor use surveys are part of an ongoing effort that began on the Kootenai in 2012. The local agency is seeking to update the information previously gathered and study recreation trends over time. The information is useful for forest planning and even local community tourism planning, according to a press release announcing the surveys.

The surveys will provide Forest Service managers with an estimate of how many people recreate on the forest and what activities they engage in. Other important information will study the level of satisfaction with visits, types of recreation and the economic impact of the visit on the local economy.

Information collected in this national study will be used in local planning, at the state level, and even by Congress, according to the Forest Service.

The survey is entirely voluntary but Forest Service officials encourage visitors to participate. The surveyors will be out through Sept. 30.

For more information or to view the survey, visit the website or contact Mary Laws, Kootenai National Forest Recreation Program Manager at (406) 293-2611.