Quist Will Stand Up for Montana Values

Rob Quist chose to work his way through his challenges

By this time most of us are sick and tired of seeing back-to-back political ads. We have been bombarded with negative ads containing material that was misleading, contrived, and bordering on outright slander. The most offensive ads have been in support of a millionaire and have been paid for by the National Republican Campaign Committee.

These despicable ads that attempt to demean the character of Rob Quist always include a tag line of “approval” by the millionaire. Why would anyone with a reasonable degree of integrity ever “approve” of such an ad?

Most of us can think of people we know who have experienced medical situations that have caused serious financial difficulties. Some cases have resulted in bankruptcy.

Rob Quist chose to work his way through his challenge and he paid off his debts as quickly as he could instead of declaring bankruptcy. The fact that he has been through this experience makes him the perfect person to represent his fellow Montanans, many of whom have had similar experiences.

With voting day, May 25, drawing near and as we consider our choice of the next person to represent us in Washington, D.C. let’s choose the person who truly knows from experience what Montanans value. Let’s choose Rob Quist to be the one who will stand up for Montana values.

Edd Blackler