Take in a ballgame, just for fun

By Beacon Staff

Somehow, I missed them when I first drove up to the high school, but the cheers turned my head as I hopped out of the car.

I was about to grab an armload of computer gear and scan photos for the Class of 2007 Senior Party slide show, but the little guys distracted me. Scanning could wait.

Instead, I grabbed my camera, crossed the street and took a spot on the fence by third base. Several minutes went by as I watched a sharp hitting Lions Club team rap out hits all over the field.

Eventually, I returned from my “flashback-to-Little-League” and took a few shots of the ReMax and Lions Club-sponsored teams having a great time. The image above caught my eye and took me back a few years. Hopefully it’ll remind you of simpler times: when getting to first base, making the catch or smacking a base hit was the highlight of your day at the dinner table.

Take a few minutes out of your week, stop by a ball field in CFalls and watch these little guys play to win and for fun. They made my day.

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