Take a Break on Memorial Day

By Beacon Staff

For some, it’s a day to head out on the boat, to the cabin, or up the trail.

For others, it’s a day off work to catch up on the yard, house or just relax.

To race fans, it’s all about race day at the Indy 500.

Memorial Day.

A day to remember the men and women who gave their lives serving in our country’s armed forces.

Whether your politics are a good bit right of Attila the Hun, way left of Al and Hillary, or you fit somewhere in between – each of us owes our Vets a “Thank you”.

For one day, do yourself a favor.

Take a break from the boat, yard or race. Put aside the politics, the rhetoric, the vitriolic speech and the anger. Thank a veteran, or the family of a veteran, for their service. Take a few minutes and stop by the nearest Veterans cemetery – there’s one right here in C-Falls. A silent, sincere thank you only takes a moment.

Could you do more? The Montana Veterans Home in C-Falls could always use another volunteer to read, play cards, call bingo, or just sit and chat. Even an hour a month will go a long way, and the gift you’ll get in return will surprise you. No sappy plea, just be a friend once in a while. It’s really that simple.

“I like to see a man live so that his place will be proud of him” – Abraham Lincoln

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