News Buffet: Contractor Fraud, GE Coming to Montana?, Sir Elton John Cometh

By Beacon Staff

Good morning and Happy World Tourism Day. Sri Lanka is lucky enough to be the host country for World Tourism Day this year. Hey, it’s not like hosting the Olympics but it’s something, right?

It’s a fairly slow news day statewide, but the Beacon is chock full of stories. Whitefish contributor Becky Lomax writes about the new dinner menu at Rising Sun Bistro. Mmm, Burgundian meatloaf. Intrepid reporter Dan Testa writes on the rising trend of contractor fraud in the Flathead. I also blog on some inexpensive ways to get started on winter sports. Myers Reece reports on the absence of small, local music stores in the Flathead and the reasons why.

Topping state news, U.S. Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont. is expected to announce Saturday that a branch of General Electric will open in Montana, bringing with it 150 jobs – most likely to Billings. At NewWest.net, Dave Loos reports on a bill in Congress that could potentially lower taxes for farmers and ranchers with conservation easements. And down in Missoula, the town is buzzing over the arrival of Sir Elton John tomorrow night. For anyone who couldn’t get tickets, I’ll be standing on the corner of Third and Main Street in Kalispell tomorrow with some big glasses, glittery bell bottom pants and my Casio keyboard taking requests. Who needs Elton John?

Friday’s almost here…have a great day.