News Buffet: Flathead Lion Attack, Griz Arrests Details, Marauding Monkeys

By Beacon Staff

Good morning and happy World Kindness Day. In honor of the occasion, I’m going to try not to say anything mean to my co-workers until lunch time today. It may be an early lunch.

Coming off of Veterans’ Day, it’s a fairly slow news day thus far. It was a windy night in the Flathead, and gales took out some power lines in the West Valley. A hunter is recovering from a mountain lion attack, southeast of Kalispell in the Squeezer Creek area. A West Glacier boy drowned in his bathtub, and the Flathead County coroner said the boy had a seizure, which contributed to the death. Our business profile this week looks at two Whitefish women coordinating a very different kind of cruise ship vacation. And cartoonist Stephen Templeton’s take on water quality and stream setbacks in the valley.

In state news, the Missoulian follows up on the arrest of three Griz football players by delving into the circumstances of the arrest and prior charges against the three players. It’s a jaw-dropping read about the violent, skilled and carefully carried out crimes committed by these athletes. Five juveniles have been arrested on suspicion of arson, following a massive fire Sunday night at a brewery in downtown Great Falls. The Helena Independent Record reports that there is no end in sight to high fuel prices across Montana. And three homes burned in a 20,000-acre fire north of Big Timber.

If you’re having trouble with household pests, just be glad you don’t live in New Delhi, where gangs of marauding monkeys are terrorizing city residents, and caused the death of the deputy mayor. Someone tell those monkeys it’s World Kindness Day. Have a good one.