News Buffet: Cat-Griz Satellite Parties, Bush Approval Down, Hangin’ at the Dump

By Beacon Staff

Good morning and happy day of National Rebirth to our Estonian readers.

On the Beacon this morning, Myers Reece catalogs the varied and rowdy satellite parties across the Unites States gearing up for MSU Cats v. UM Griz this weekend. Wildlife expert Jack Hanna takes your questions on prime Flathead hiking trails and ways to help endangered mountain gorillas. A recount in the Whitefish City Council election is set for Monday, read about the circumstances of the tight election here. The superintendent of Glacier National Park has announced he will be stepping down. And check out the Police Blotter to read about a man who took himself to the fire station after getting salsa in his eye.

President Bush’s popularity in Montana is tanking, according to a new poll. The Bush administration is also proposing more than 6,000 miles of energy pipeline and transmission corridors spanning the West and crossing dozens of national monuments, scenic rivers and recreation areas. Gov. Brian Schweitzer, along with California’s Governator and the governor of Utah are appearing together in a series of TV ads intended to push Congress to take action on global warming. Also in Congress, Rep. Denny Rehberg, R-Mont., has joined other Republicans in endorsing a committee to more closely scrutinize congressional earmarks. In the latest on the arrest of three UM football players, Greg Coleman pleaded not guilty yesterday to charges that he participated in a drug-related burglary that left a man pistol-whipped and shocked with a stun gun. The Montana Board of Regents appears to be among the few officials taking the incident seriously, imploring university leaders yesterday to figure out what the problems are within Montana’s football programs.

I don’t have much in the way of weekend plans, although after reading this I may consider hanging out at the dump. Maybe I’ll see you there. Have a great weekend.