News Buffet: Proposed Bigfork Library, Union Endorses Schweitzer, Child Repellent

By Beacon Staff

Good morning and happy birthday Abraham Lincoln.

The Columbia Falls Wildcats turned away the Ronan Chiefs last night in boys hoops, with a score of 66-40. Katrin Frye details a proposed new library in Bigfork, part of an $11.1 million bond facing voters. In Kalispell, Nomad Technologies continues to grow, producing high end mobile command centers for the military and firefighting agencies. And a few rungs down the technology ladder, Remedies Day Spa in Whitefish is producing body treatment products that are all natural and look like food, but are meant for the skin.

Government agencies have issued a slew of citations against snowmobilers riding illegally in wilderness and other restricted areas in the Swan and west of Glacier Park. Helena attorney and Democrat Jim Hunt will announce today he plans to run for the U.S. House seat held by Republican Rep. Denny Rehberg. A report on the environmental impacts of a proposed power line running from Lethbridge, Alberta to Great Falls was released yesterday, and the project is open for public comment. Labor union AFL-CIO is in the news today, with the state Department of Labor abruptly cutting off funding and terminating a contract with the AFL-CIO for a program to provide services to laid-off workers, due to “nonperformance.” On the same day, the board of the AFL-CIO endorsed Gov. Brian Schweitzer for a second term.

And finally, enterprising shopkeepers in England are using a high-frequency device to drive misbehaving children from loitering in front of their places of businesses. British officials are now trying to ban the device, which essentially treats kids like mosquitoes. Have a great day.