BHS Bond – What’s Next?

By Beacon Staff

With a second failed bond attempt under its belt, the Bigfork School Board is hoping to get a better gauge of why exactly the community said no.

“The one thing I got out of the negative editorials is ‘what part of no don’t you understand’,” said board member Mike Roessman at the March 11th school board meeting.

“I think the community doesn’t understand that the portables are falling down, at some point they’re going to be condemned,” said Chairperson Maureen Averill, “the science labs are going to be shut down because they’re inadequate.”

The board spoke of the possibility of sending out surveys to find out peoples perceptions, and to judge if voters think the school doesn’t need updates, or if it’s simply the cost that had them check no on both bond ballots. The school board figures it will have to take a break from the issue, but that doesn’t mean the question of renovations at the high school will go away.

“If we truly believe there’s a need,” said board member Denny Sabo, “we have to continue to try to make it palatable to the community.”