Poll Shows Obama Up, Barely, in Montana

By Beacon Staff

A new poll by the North Carolina-based Public Policy Polling shows Obama up by 1 percentage point in what is the most recent poll taken in Montana. I can’t verify the accuracy of this polling firm, as this election has introduced me to all sorts of polling organizations I’ve never heard of before, so take these results with a grain of salt. But I will note that this poll does take into account votes for Ron Paul. I’m convinced any poll in Montana that does not ask specifically about Ron Paul is not providing an accurate depiction of the Republican electorate in this state. Anyway, here are their findings in Montana. For full results, check their Web site here.

Barack Obama 48
John McCain 47
Ron Paul 4

Governor: Brian Schweitzer (D) 62 Roy Brown (R) 36

Senator: Max Baucus (D) 71 Bob Kelleher (R) 26

Congress: Denny Rehberg (R) 60 John Driscoll (D) 35

Attorney General: Steve Bullock (D) 49 Tim Fox (R) 44

Auditor: Monica Lindeen (D) 50 Duane Grimes (R) 42

Secretary of State: Linda McCulloch (D) 47 Brad Johnson (R) 46

Superintendent: Denise Juneau (D) 49 Elaine Herman (R) 40