Rap the Vote

By Beacon Staff

These students are far too young to vote tomorrow, but that’s not stopping them from learning about the presidential candidates and having a voice in the election. A group of sixth and seventh graders at Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta rewrote the lyrics to a song by rapper T.I. as part of their debate class, including each candidate’s policy stances in the catchy tune. When a video of them performing hit YouTube, the kids became overnight sensations.

But what’s more impressive even than their singing talent is their knowledge of the issues surrounding the election. Just listen to 12-year-old Willie Thornton’s take on Sen. McCain’s economic policy toward the end of this ABC interview. “People are saying, ‘Oh, those kids on TV can dance,'” Kennedy Guest-Prichett, a student, said. “I hope they’re saying that those kids are educated. That we are smart.” Here’s hoping everyone heading to the polls tomorrow has done the same homework as these kids.