Voter Registration False Negatives

By Beacon Staff

Over at FlatheadMemo.com, local blogger James Conner reports that he encountered a bit of confusion when he logged onto the Montana Secretary of State’s voter registration Web site. The site allows you to enter some personal information and then it will tell you whether you are properly registered, your state house and senate district, and your polling location. But when Conner entered his info, depending how he typed his address, he sometimes got the site to return a false negative. It’s not that there’s necessarily a glitch, so much as it’s slightly confusing how much info you should enter. It’s also important to note that the last line asks you to enter your house number – not your street address. When I entered just my house number, I got accurate info back, but when I entered my full street address, it didn’t work.

Conner explains the issue in more depth on his blog.