Kalispell City Parks & Recreation Flag Football

By Beacon Staff

Here’s a blog entry from fellow Beacon writer, Julius Macker, who is best-known for being the man behind the Police Blotter. Macker writes: A couple weeks ago, I walked the mile from my house to the Conrad Complex for the Kalispell City Parks and Recreation flag football semifinals. It was cold but I endured, and while doing so, was pleasantly surprised.

The game featured the Great Bear Builders (Ghetto Stars) versus the Boat Club. And in some fashion, it was like David and Goliath.

The Ghetto Stars, comprised of laborers, a window washer, a bouncer and a former Flathead High School football standout, were certainly overmatched. But for much of the game they persisted, competed, and even held onto a lead – albeit momentarily.

Eventually, though, the floodgates opened and former University of Montana wide receiver, Jefferson Heidelberger, (#24 in green) exerted his presence, and squashed any lingering championship hopes for the Ghetto Stars.

As you’ll see in the video footage, emotions ran strong.