Should Obama Watch Out for Baucus?

By Beacon Staff

The newspaper POLITICO, which seems to compile a new list every week, has published a piece on the “Ten Dems Obama should watch out for.”

Sooner or later, the bonhomie of Obama’s Inauguration will dissipate — and the novelty of having a soul mate in the Oval Office will give way to intense internal debates over the extent and substance of Democratic change.

Either that, or some people will just get on Obama’s nerves.

It’s a who’s who of powerful Democrats in Washington, D.C., including Montana’s senior Sen. Max Baucus at No. 7. Here’s why, according to POLITICO writer Glenn Thrush:

Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.) As chairman of the Finance Committee, Baucus has often infuriated liberals with his pro-business positions and his penchant for striking deals with Republican Chuck Grassley. If Obama chooses to govern from the middle, he could find a key ally in Baucus. But trying to enact the tax, health and trade policies he touted on the campaign could hit a roadblock if Baucus doesn’t give them his blessing.

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