Rehberg Sponsors Bill to Prevent ‘Fairness Doctrine’ Resurrection

By Beacon Staff

President Barack Obama has made clear that he opposes the reinstatement of the “Fairness Doctrine,” a long defunct policy that would require broadcasters to present opposing views on controversial issues. The U.S. Senate took it a step further Wednesday. Senators voted overwhelmingly, 87-11, to bar the Federal Communications Commission from reimposing the policy, which is especially loathed by conservative talk radio hosts.

U.S. Rep. Denny Rehberg, R-Mont., is cosponsor of a similar bill in the House. In a prepared statement he said Thursday:

“Anyone who thinks that talk radio only tells one side of the story doesn’t spend much time in front of a radio. The fact is, talk show hosts regularly accept calls from listeners that disagree with them, and the debates are lively and informative. The last thing we need is the federal government stepping in to referee an active discussion to declare winners and losers. I’m proud of the Senate for passing this important safeguard, and I hope the House of Representatives acts quickly on this legislation.”

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