Police Blotter

Flathead County Sheriff’s and Kalispell Police Reports

Curious Poodle and Stolen Apple Tree

By Heather Jurva

4:42 am – A male was spotted relieving himself outside a Lakeside gas station. He left in a minivan before authorities could arrive.

7:26 am – Equipment was vandalized at a Bigfork construction site.

9:07 am – A gentleman hiked seven miles to a Forest Service cabin. According to his father, he intended to “stay a year.”

12:08 pm – A dog was dangling by its leash from the porch of a Shady Lane home. The owner reportedly came out, assessed the situation, and returned inside without assisting the dog.

12:36 pm – A structure on Somers Stage Road was reportedly ablaze. Upon further investigation it was found to be a slash pile with all permits in order.

1:34 pm – A large white poodle, reportedly sporting long hair on its legs and ears but a shaven body, was wandering around Coram unescorted. Authorities left a door-hanger at the owner’s home.

3:35 pm – A possible case of animal neglect in Kila turned out to be a dog in a small kennel on the owner’s back porch.

4:29 pm – Small propane tanks were reported stolen from a residence opposite the Damtown Tavern. They were last seen during hunting season.

4:46 pm – A tree severed a power line and caught on fire.

5:32 pm – A Husqvarna chainsaw, worth $1,000, was stolen from a Jellison Road porch. It was identified as orange.

5:42 pm – A Brunner Road couple were at odds after the male would not remove his shoes. He left on foot, possibly wearing a Jeff Gordon hat, but later returned and all was well. The couple was advised to separate for the night.

5:53 pm – A male in a blue Dodge truck was removing a tree from East Oregon Street. He later received permission from the tree’s owner.

5:54 pm – Four or five people were possibly stealing an apple tree. Come to find out, they drove a blue Dodge truck and had permission from the tree’s owner.

6:01 pm – An adult was harassing a neighbor’s kids about driving their bikes recklessly up and down the road. The same adult took pictures of the kids on bikes.

7:01 pm – Parking from a Swan River Grange event overflowed into a neighboring lot.

7:27 pm – A husband and wife in Columbia Falls engaged in a verbal altercation. They eventually decided that they could get along.

8:30 pm – An individual living on Danielson Road feels like he is being threatened by his neighbor.

9:06 pm – Horses were running amok on Foothills Road. They were, however, too skittish to round up that night.

9:51 pm – What may have been gunshots or fireworks were heard on Highway 2.

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