Baucus Will Support Sotomayor’s Nomination

By Beacon Staff

Montana Sen. Max Baucus caused a minor uproar Thursday after he reportedly said that he was still undecided on whether he would vote to confirm Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor. <a href="http://thehill.com/leading-the-news/baucus-says-he-has-no-idea-how-hell-vote-on-sotomayor-2009-07-30.html" title="From The Hill“>From The Hill:

Baucus this summer has infuriated liberals on and off Capitol Hill by working to strike a deal with Republicans on healthcare reform. A “no” vote on Sotomayor would be adding fuel to the left’s fire at the Finance Committee chairman.

Baucus on Thursday twice told The Hill he is undecided on next week’s floor vote on Sotomayor.

“I have no idea,” Baucus said. “I haven’t paid any attention and I haven’t announced … I’ve been so busy with healthcare.”

A day later, however, Baucus’ office sent out the following statement:

“The Supreme Court is the highest court in the land, and the pinnacle of the judicial branch of our government. Being confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice is a tremendous honor with enormous responsibility. I have long said that to be a Supreme Court Justice a person must meet three main criteria: personal integrity, professional competence, and a view of important issues that is within the mainstream of contemporary judicial thought. After personally meeting Judge Sotomayor, thoroughly analyzing her judicial record, and reviewing her nomination hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Judge Sotomayor unquestionably meets each of these criteria. Thus, I am proud to support her nomination and will vote to confirm her as a Justice to the United States Supreme Court.”