Same Song, New City: Obamacare Comes to Bozeman

By Beacon Staff

With each passing day, public confidence in President Obama’s proposed government-run health care experiment erodes even further. Over the last few months, he has crisscrossed this nation in a desperate attempt to shore up support, only to find hardworking Americans becoming increasingly skeptical. And so it should come as no surprise that President Obama recently held a townhall meeting in Bozeman, nor should Montanans be surprised when they hear more of the same rhetoric for the same failed policies.

The president has already rushed through a $787-billion stimulus bill that hasn’t created jobs and a so-called “cap and trade” bill that would raise taxes on families and small businesses. Now he wants impose on America a $1.6-trillion health care experiment that will only make our deficit worse. Montanans have reason to be concerned about a plan that turns the health care system over to the folks in Washington.

Under the president’s plan, a government bureaucrat would be making your health care decisions for you. Despite what your doctor thinks is best for you, the government would decide the type of care you and your family receive based on cost-effectiveness. In other words, the government would ration your health care. A large number of folks who currently have a private insurance plan would be unable to avoid this fate, as the president’s plan will undercut private insurance rates, forcing private insurers out of business. All told, 88 million Americans could be pushed out of their private insurance plans they currently have and into the government-run plan, according to an analysis done by the Lewin Group.

President Obama’s trillion-dollar government-run health care experiment will also tax small businesses for failing to provide insurance for their employees. Small businesses account for 85 percent of the jobs in Montana, and taxing them during a recession will only lead to more job losses. At a time when many small businesses are struggling to stay afloat we should be seeking ways to provide them with relief, not taxing them out of existence.

Despite the president’s pledges for “deficit-neutral” health care reform, the Congressional Budget Office recently estimated that the House Democrats’ plan would add more than $200 billion to the deficit over the next 10 years. Only in Washington do they think you can spend more to save more.

Contrary to what you might have heard, Republicans want responsible health care reform that improves affordability and accessibility. Republicans want to control costs and strengthen the quality of health care. And to that end, Republicans have proposed a number of plans that have simply been ignored by congressional Democrats.

With millions of Americans, Democrats included, becoming increasingly alarmed with the president’s plan, the administration and congressional Democrats have begun to lash out in frustration at anyone who disagrees with them. Those who have voiced opposition have been called a “terrorist” or been told their concern is “manufactured.” Do not let their callous and arrogant words discourage or distract you from their failed and flawed policies. Your worries are valid and shared by a majority of Americans. Your voice matters.

Ensuring that the government doesn’t make your health care decisions will require the resolve of concerned citizens, and I encourage you to continue voicing your opinion to the president and Montana’s elected officials. We have heard the president’s speech many times over, so let’s make sure he hears you.

Will Deschamps is chairman of the Montana Republican Party

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