MONTANA MARKET: Salsa Festiva!

By Beacon Staff

Salsa is one of the world’s great foods. Limited only by our imagination as applied to vegetables, fruit and chilies. Salsa is fresh, healthy, and vibrant and makes almost any meat or pasta a party of flavors. This item goes with last week’s broiled chili’s. Consider it “your favorite salsa” in the recipe. Salsa’s make great gifts, neighborhood offerings and often fund worthwhile charities. A case in point are the various salsas’ produced by Montana Coffee Traders; 10 percent of the profits generated are donated to Y.E.P*. So, go wild and fresh. Mountain View Gardens across from the airport is the source of these superior tomatoes. Enjoy.

2 vine ripe red tomatoes
1 vine ripe orange tomato
1 vine ripe yellow tomato
1 clove garlic
¼ medium sweet onion, more to taste
½ bunch (handful) fresh cilantro
½ lemon, juiced
½ sea salt, to taste

Quarter tomatoes and remove stems.
Quarter and peel onion
In food processor**, combine all ingredients except lemon juice and salt
Pulse process until finely chopped
Strain juice with a cheesecloth or small hole colander (reserve juice for recipes)
Place in large bowl and add lemon juice and salt.
Mix well, chill and serve

* Ask your local Montana Coffee Traders barista about the program
** If preparing by hand, use a very sharp knife and chop all ingredients very finely
Note: Chilies can be added according to your personal heat tolerance

Recipe courtesy Corrie Colbert

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