Prominent Lefty Blogger: Replace Baucus With Schweitzer

By Beacon Staff

Liberal bloggers have long criticized Montana Democratic Sen. Max Baucus for his handling of health care reform as chairman of the Senate Finance Committee and for his steady opposition to a public option (or government-run insurance plan). But Markos Moulitsas, over at Daily Kos, has taken it a step further, writing that it’s time to get “rid of Baucus.” He vows to target his seat in 2014 and hopes to replace him with fellow Montana Democrat, Gov. Brian Schweitzer:

2012 is all about Lieberman. It’ll be the end of his political career. But 2014, I’m seeing that as the year of the Baucus. The year that we rid the Senate of his useless carcass, and finish what we started when we got rid of Conrad Burns in 2006. And we can turn that delegation from one of the worst in the nation, to one of the best. We’re halfway there with Jon Tester, who hopefully won’t disappoint on this issue (he’s currently doing great work on FISA and the Patriot Act). We could finish the job by replacing Baucus with current Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer.

Left in the West’s Jay Stevens, referring to Schweitzer challenging Baucus, says, “I can’t imagine that would happen.”

Neither can I.

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