LETTER: Spend Energy Helping Disadvantaged Children

By Beacon Staff

I pass the people standing along side the road praying to end abortion and wondered with all the energy they spend do they support the many women who brought babies into this world they were ill-prepared to raise?

The consequences of an unwanted pregnancy are enormous for most women. Few are in the position to have a child without a course in life that will support the care and raising of this child. We all know women who have what it takes to overcome the challenges of an unplanned pregnancy and we all know of situations in which the obstacles were insurmountable for the individuals involved and the children suffered horribly as a result.

What about the social problems and community expense that arise from bringing children into the world without an adult that is prepared to care for them? It’s doubtful that our prisons, jails, juvenile correction facilities, youth shelters, etc. are filled with people who got what they needed while growing up. Are we as a community adequately providing a safety net for the children that are not being cared for by the adults that are responsible for them? Perhaps the thousands of hours spent praying on the street could be used to help a child who has no support and can’t make meaning out of why they are here to begin with.
Tracy Mayer

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