LETTER: Montana Should Adopt Legislation Similar to Arizona’s

By Beacon Staff

Recently, President Obama hosted Mexican President Felipe Calderon at a lavish White House dinner, paid for by the American taxpayers. President Calderon and President Obama gave a joint press conference and President Calderon addressed a joint meeting of Congress during the visit.

At both the White House press conference and at the joint Congressional meeting Calderon denounced and condemned Arizona legislators for their actions aimed at saving their state and their citizens, in passing a sweeping and comprehensive illegal immigration bill. In condemning the state legislators he also condemned the citizens of Arizona, considering the legislators passed a law that 67 percent of the citizens demanded. This bill was needed since the U.S. government refuses to enforce immigration laws already in place by refusing to halt the illegal crossing of the U.S./Mexico border, by refusing to deport those found to be illegal, and in general refusing to consider the safety and welfare of citizens first and foremost by neglecting to enforce existing law.

All “U.S. Citizens” have the right to express and debate their opinion on issues. However, I’m appalled by the fact that Obama invited another leader to our country and allowed, even encouraged, him to condemn Arizona on their immigration law. Calderon has no control over his own country’s problems yet he is quick to condemn the U.S. and specifically Arizona for taking control. There are many issues that were misstated in the speeches by Calderon, including the percentage of weapons passing from the U.S. to Mexico.

There is no question that immigration must be dealt with, but the only real solution is to stop illegal entrance at the borders and to begin to systematically deport those that are already here. Amnesty as proposed in immigration reform is not an answer.

I’m proposing that Montana adopt legislation similar to that passed by the state of Arizona. This would help to support Arizona and other states, such as Idaho, that are contemplating similar legislation and would protect Montana from that flagrant intentional failure of the U.S. government to protect the border thereby failing to protect the legal citizens from crime, drug dealing, gangs, murder and so on.

Many people tell me that this is not a problem in Montana so why worry about it. My answer is this: As states move forward in passing laws against illegal immigration, illegals will seek refuge in those states that refuse to pass laws against illegal immigration. One example, the estimated 200,000 illegals who have recently fled Arizona to other more friendly states. Also it is clear, as demonstrated by the recent arrest of 32 illegal immigrants in North Dakota, this is not a problem isolated to the southern border states.

There are many who believe that illegal immigration is a strategic hostile insurgency by Mexico to regain control of parts of the U.S. and maybe expand upon that territory beyond that lost after the Mexican/American war. As I learn more I begin to accept this idea with greater enthusiasm. Former mayor of National City, Calif., Nick Inzunza for one, has stated as much. Mayor Inzunza went so far in 2006 as to officially proclaim National City as a sanctuary for illegal immigrants so as to have a base of operation within the U.S. for the insurgency.

He lost his Mayoral seat as a result of that proclamation. I look forward to all opinions on this issue and encourage everyone to participate in a poll at www.eaglesvoice.com.

Phillip Erquiaga
Libby, Montana

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