A Primary Primer

By Beacon Staff

June 8 marks the primary elections in Flathead County. You should go vote. I know you’re probably on top of it, but if you’re thinking, “Oh goodness, in all the excitement of spring, I don’t know if I’m registered to vote or where my polling place is!” then click here.

These elections typically don’t get as much play as the November general elections, but, really, primaries are pretty important. Especially the Flathead County sheriff’s race. Incumbent Mike Meehan, former undersheriff Chuck Curry and current Patrol Sgt. Lance Norman all filed as Republicans, so the primary is the election.

Remember the Flathead County Commission, and how it makes up both the legislative and executive branches for our county? The primary election will decide who among the Democrats and Republicans will face off for the District 2 seat, currently held by incumbent Joe Brenneman.

Also on the ballot Tuesday, district court judges and justices of the peace.

In legislative races, check out this post breaking down some of the Flathead’s most interesting races, and this post for a longer Q & A session with the candidates.

On the national level, the Democratic showdown between Tyler Gernant and Dennis McDonald in the battle to unseat U.S. Rep. Denny Rehberg should offer some fireworks. Rehberg still remains the front-runner in the GOP race.

I know there are more factors to each race than I’ve briefly covered here. Click here for a peek at the Republican ballot, and here for the Democratic ballot.

If you’ve got more questions or need some general information, visit the county election department’s website.

And be sure to keep an eye on the Beacon’s website for updates on election day. We’ll be burning the midnight oil, so check back often.