LETTER: White House Disregards Will of the People

By Beacon Staff

An arbitrary ruling in California caused a referendum, initiated by millions of people to be dismantled; that is, a law forbidding men to marry other men was outlawed. Out of nowhere, a ruling by the Federal government overturned that referendum against the electorate of California last week, executed solely by one judge, supposedly uninfluenced by the White House.

Compare this with the states that support efforts of Arizona to enforce protection of our national border. We should remember it is not the Arizona border, but the national border which must be protected against foreign aliens, drug dealers and terrorists, now being obstructed by the Justice Department of the president.

Whether you favor the issues or not, the dramatic disregard for the will of the people by the White House bodes ill for this country. It is a dire warning of what may soon become a crisis of immense proportion. Whether you are Democratic or Republican, your democratic freedoms are no longer held sacrosanct. Not any of them. Some type of hidden philosophy is being exercised, that declares all sovereign rights of the electorate to be disposable, or an obstruction to the success of the few governing.

All bets are now off on the stability of our government, our economy and our national independence. One careless move, one more foolish decision, or an impulsive execution of martial law to protect Obama may cause social and economic collapse overnight. The world will change. Our democracy now appears to be past a point of rational discussion.

Mike Donohue