LETTER: ‘Obamacare’ Will Push Country Toward Bankruptcy

By Beacon Staff

Only a few of the new Obamacare regulations are in effect now. But they’ve already made insurance so expensive that Health & Human Services had to grant waivers to 733 businesses and unions so they could continue current insurance for 2.1 million employees. The list of waiver recipients includes Hypex, Inc. (with one employee) and the Security Benefit Fund of the Uniformed Firefighters Association of New York City (with 24,000 employees). Aside from the question of political favors and paybacks, it’s amazing that the administration had to allow these “temporary” waivers to keep 2 million people from losing their insurance.

By 2014, all Obamacare regulations will be in force. Many employers will have to drop their workers, who will go to the outstretched arms of the government. The taxpayers will be on the hook for unlimited healthcare in the form of expanded Medicaid and individual insurance subsidies. Obamacare will become another enormously expensive entitlement that pushes America closer to bankruptcy.

Congress has to step up the plate and repeal Obamacare, even if it means being called heartless.

Janice Linn

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