Polling the President and Montana Senate Race

By Beacon Staff

Gallup has released its 2010 approval ratings for President Barack Obama from all 50 states based on its daily tracking interviews conducted last year. The president’s approval rating fell in every state when compared to 2009 and he remains largely unpopular in the Rocky Mountain region.

Montana is the eighth least approving of Obama in the country. Here, just 39.1 percent of residents approve of the president, according to the poll.

One surprise in the poll, as pointed out by Nate Silver, is that the president’s approval ratings are much higher in Mississippi (47.1 percent) than in New Hampshire (41.3 percent). Silver argues that these results may be outliers.

According to Gallup, “Obama’s 2010 presidential approval ratings would suggest that states such as Florida, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Ohio, and Nevada — all of which have average Obama approval ratings within one point of the national average — may once again be the battlegrounds of the coming election.”

In other polling news, NSON Opinion Strategy released results from a survey it conducted for the Northern News Network and found that Republican Congressman Denny Rehberg holds a slim lead over Democratic Sen. Jon Tester in the Montana Senate Race.

It finds that Rehberg takes 47 percent to 44 percent for Tester.

David Cantanese at POLITICO points out that the polling sample did consist of 46 percent Republicans, 36 percent Democrats and 14 percent independents. He also notes that Rehberg and Tester remain relatively popular in the state.

Read Gallup results here and the NSON results here.

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