LETTER: The Real Cause of the ‘Brain Drain’

By Beacon Staff

One might suggest federalization and unionization has resulted in the almost total destruction of education. Our children lack basic skills and knowledge – especially critical thinking. The current system is all geared to bloated administration and selfish interests of the National Education Association.

We have replaced PE in many places to accommodate such socialized agenda as drug awareness, sex education, propaganda, revisionist history, teacher preparation days off, diversity programs and now the silly anti-bullying program. Our children are mandated to dumbness with time wasted on Al Gore’s hypocritical pseudo science, yet we don’t even teach basic economics and personal finance. Perhaps that’s because the Department of Education, NEA, Planned Parenthood, “green” advocates, et al, do not understand that there is not an unlimited pot of gold. We are tapped out.

For over 50 years, we have been pouring money into programs to support “education” and have ended up with massive bureaucratic bloat and a deliberate dumbing down of the population until we have become a nation of mindless zombies without hope or direction.

Enough already! Strip down to basics, eliminate this entitlement mentality, and quit lying about “it’s for the kids.” Take back local control; emphasize core curriculum and set high standards. Why do we cater to the minimum standards and expectations?

There are motivated, talented teachers, to be sure. The system marginalizes with to corruption in favor of union benefits. The education system itself is the cause of the “brain drain.” Let’s do the right thing for a change. The more money (which we don’t have) we pour into this broken system, the more children suffer. Soon our nation’s future will be lost to mandated liberalism.

Ron Evans

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