LETTER: Where Are the Outcries?

By Beacon Staff

Where are the outcries? All those voices who screamed for the impeachment of former President George W. Bush for involving us in an unwarranted Middle East war are strangely quiet. Are they still so awed at the specter of their deliverer that they cannot recognize his violation of the law. By what right does President Barack Obama solely authorize the attack by our armed forces on another sovereign nation? A nation that does not pose a threat to us.

When we attacked Iraq, it was with the full blessing of Congress. Iraq’s possession of chemical weapons and the capability of producing more was acknowledged by the majority of the members of our Congress. They voted overwhelmingly to support an attack against Saddam Hussein and his government.

When was there a vote either in favor or against our involvement in Libya?

Did I miss Congress’ approval?

Since there are no other outcries, let mine be the first, impeach Barack Obama!

Richard Funk

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