Standing Up for Vets

By Beacon Staff

This Jesus statue business is such a shame. An outside group from Wisconsin is creating hoopla over a memorial to our Montana WWII veterans? What business do they have coming to Montana and telling us what to do? Thank God we have a congressman with a backbone who will stand up and fight for our veterans. Without Denny’s lead on this, this out-of-state “freedom from religion” group would likely have already had the memorial removed.

I agree with a statement I read recently which said: “What’s next, is this group going to advocate for the destruction of our memorials and historical buildings in Washington D.C. just because they say ‘In God We Trust’?” This group has no place in Montana or America, for that matter. Thank you Denny for standing up for our veterans and for the memorial to them.

Vondene Kopetski

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