Our Welfare State

By Beacon Staff

The government is a zero sum game. The government cannot create wealth, it can only redistribute it. That means for every person that receives something from the government someone else loses. This may seem well intended sometimes. but it always hurts the ones in the most need. Look at the Indian reservations and the inner city projects. Look at the city of Detroit for instance. In 1945 Detroit was a thriving center of commerce and culture. Now Detroit is a disaster. The Detroit News is reporting the actual unemployment rate for Detroit is nearly 50 percent. While $14 trillion has been spent on the war on poverty since the ‘60s, there are more poor people in this country than ever before. Now we are stuck with this massive debt that we cannot pay the interest on, and a vast and growing permanent underclass created by the welfare state.

Until we shrink the size of government and return to a limited Constitutional government, as the founders envisioned, we will continue down the path to ruin.

John Vail