Ken Miller Announces Bill Gallagher as Gubernatorial Running Mate

By Beacon Staff

Last week, Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Miller announced Bill Gallagher, a member of the Public Service Commission, as his lieutenant governor running mate at the state capitol rotunda in Helena.

Miller, a former state senator from Laurel, cited Gallagher’s “resume and background,” which he says reflect “Montana’s own core economic strengths, including agriculture, energy, tourism, mining and timber.”

In a press release, Miller also highlighted Gallagher’s experience in law, education insurance and securities, “in addition to his work ethic and love for Montana.”

“Montana taxpayers are going to get their money’s worth from a lieutenant governor for a change,” Miller said.

Gallagher, 52, defeated incumbent Ken Toole for the District 5 seat on the five-member Public Service Commission in 2010. Over the years, he has owned a number of businesses and a 125-acre alfalfa farm. He was also a high school teacher in Plains and maintained a private law practice in Helena, where he lives with his wife of 33 years, Jennifer. The couple has two adult children and three grandchildren.

In an interview, Gallagher praised Miller’s “work ethic,” which he said is evident in Miller’s campaigning efforts across the state. By establishing a strong grassroots network, Gallagher is confident the Miller-Gallagher ticket can overcome the leads that Republican primary frontrunner Rick Hill currently holds in both fundraising and polling.

Gallagher said he was the underdog in the 2010 PSC race, with incumbent Democrat Toole and former Republican Secretary of State Brad Johnson in the race, “so I’m not intimidated” when opponents have advantages in campaign finances and name recognition.

“You do it with the ground game,” Gallagher said.