Blackfeet Elections Shake Up Council

By Beacon Staff

Four members of the Blackfeet Tribal Business Council lost reelection on June 26, including Chairman Terry “T.J.” Show.

The tribal council is the governing body of the Blackfeet Nation and has nine members that serve four-year terms. This year, four members were up for reelection, including Dorothy M. Still Smoking, Roger “Sassy” Running Crane, Sampson “Sam” Bird and Chairman Show.

Show has been on council for four years; three years as council secretary and one year as chairman. On the morning after the election, Show said he was ready to step aside and do what’s best for the tribe.

“If the people have spoken and they want to move on and go a different direction then it is their right to,” Show said. “Change is good and new blood has never hurt anybody.”

Show, who received 1,142 votes, was beaten by Cheryl Lynn Little Dog, who earned 1,921 votes to represent the Old Agency District. Also winning a spot on the council was Forrestina “Frosty” CalfBossRibs, who was also elected to represent House District 15 in 2009. Last week’s election marked the first time the tribe has elected two women to serve on the council at the same time, according to tribal members.

Little Dog said water and land use were two issues she hoped to address.

“We all need to work together and come together,” she said. “I’m here any way I can be to help my people and the Blackfeet Nation.”

On July 12, at the start of the North American Indian Days celebration, the new members will be sworn in. After that, the new council will vote on a secret ballot to choose the positions of chairman, vice chairman and secretary, according to spokesperson Roxanne De Marce.

Until then, Show remains chairman and representative of the tribe. He’s unsure what he will do after July 12.

“I need to sit back and reevaluate my life and take a much needed vacation,” Show said.

Also winning spots on the council were Earl Old Person Sr. and William “Bill” Old Chief.