Demand Political Parties Stop Polarization

By Beacon Staff

Here is a thought for all the President Barack Obama haters: When the economy went into the dumpster in 2008 (Republican president), 90 percent of the country’s top economist stated that it would take 10 years to recover.

So what have we seen? The stock market is nearly back to its previous high; corporate profits are higher than ever, the housing market appears to have hit its lows and is starting to rebound; private sector jobs have been increasing the past 30 months.

However, many of the jobs that were lost are never going to be there again. Why? Because the economy has changed. Corporations are making more profits because they are focusing on productivity (more output with fewer employees), and all the flap about them being afraid of Obama is so much rhetoric. These large corporations owe nothing to the American people – their only allegiance is to their stockholders, as it should be, People have become more debt conscious, reducing their credit card debt, and saving more (too bad we can’t get our elected representatives to do that). But, we are only 40 percent of the way to the economist’s predictions.

What I believe is this: It makes no matter to the jobs picture and economy who is the president. What can make a difference in the speed of the recovery is for us, the voters, to demand that our political parties stop polarization, knock off the lies, and get down to work! We better starts focusing on the 535 elected representatives who actually make (or obstruct) the laws. Pay attention to their votes and ignore the lies, distortion and misinformation in the special interest attack ads. Sadly, the Republican Party is holding out economy hostage in order to gain control in November. I ask a simple question about Republican control: How did that workout? I am not saying that the Democratic Party is blameless. I am saying that it is time for us the citizens to cut through the B.S. and demand that out elected representatives work for us, not the special interests or the party!

Wes Higgins

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