Vote Wisely

By Beacon Staff
By John Fuller

For many Americans during this election season, the question is whether or not they are casting their vote for or against a person, party or policy.

We are often told that voting is our patriotic duty and the most important political right in our possession.

But the reality is not always so lofty. In today’s America, voting has become a way in which many use the vote to plunder. Whenever the vote is used to forcibly take property or wealth from some and give it to others, it has become plunder, not patriotism.

If all laws were just – i.e. only being used to protect the life, liberty and property of all citizens – universal suffrage would not be necessary or even an issue.

When the law and government plunder, all want access to it. Many of those who look to government to do things for others do so out of false philanthropy.

But the result is the same: theft from some to give to others. Philanthropic tyranny is still tyranny. This writer rejects the false philanthropy that deprives people of individual responsibility. So, when you vote this season, vote patriotism, not plunder. Vote liberty, not redistribution.

By Joe Carbonari

Plunder? I don’t think so, but we do redistribute, without a doubt. As to whether or not a governmental action is likely to be good, bad, or indifferent – and for whom and to what degree – is often largely unknown.

We vote for or against something, or somebody, because of what we think the result will likely be…not because we know. Still, it is our duty, in both patriotic and broader senses, to attempt to make our votes informed ones.

That duty includes rejecting thinly veiled calls for knee-jerk responses to emotionally laden catchwords and phrases – as, perhaps, even my friend’s.

The only “plunder” here, I’m afraid, is aimed at the votes of the easily fooled.

Most of us base our votes on who we trust. Because we are truly well-informed on very few of the heavy issues that affect us, we tend to go with others’ guidance. Seldom are those who shout the loudest or most entertainingly the best guides.

Trust your intuition. Remember that while it is true that without work there is no reward…there is, however, grace. Man is a social animal and at our best we take care of the weakest and most vulnerable among us. That has its costs…and its rewards. To paraphrase, life giveth and life taketh away. Life redistributes. Let’s do it wisely.

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