Election Results

By Beacon Staff
By John Fuller

Now that the election results are in and the 45th president of the United States will have to wait until 2016 to be elected, this writer has some predictions about the next decade.

First, get used to $5 a gallon for gasoline (or more), higher food prices, increased taxes, increased costs for health insurance (combined with less health care), inflation, rising interest rates and continued increases in the number of people demanding government services.

For the first time in American history, expectations of a lower standard of living are the new normal. Worse, get used to the idea that dangerous enemies will attack us with impunity.

My most radical prediction is that the Republican Party is a dead party walking. If it cannot win this election in a landslide, then a nation that will reelect a president with the performance of the last four years has succumbed to the basest instincts of man.

Consequently, only a new approach or a new party can restore American greatness.

Those Americans who want to restore American greatness, American liberty, and American exceptionalism, will have to realize that they are dealing with people that have no honor and prepare for the second American revolution.

By Joe Carbonari

Whoa there, John … you don’t need to go over the reality cliff. The sky is not falling. The campaign dangers were overstated.

Yes, we have serious problems, but they are addressable by people of good will and good sense. And yes, many of our politicians are actually good, even many of those that we disagree with.

So, John, I suggest that you drop the revolution and rally with us around our flag. It has served us well. Let’s proudly follow it into the future together.

You are right. We are a changing country, in a changing world. We can help shape change, but we cannot stop it. To try would be truly a fool’s errand. Fortunately, we are intelligent beings. We are adaptable. It is our best trait. It has enabled us to survive and to prosper.

We cannot return to the past nor can we wish our way into the future of our dreams. We are not an island unto ourselves.

What is called for is not so much a revolution as an evolution of thought, of acceptance, of understanding. Sure, go ahead and posture a bit if you must, but then please, come back to the game. We need your help.

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