LETTER: Stop Dragging Feet on New AOA Site

By Beacon Staff

I am having a hard time understanding why any of the Flathead County commissioners are dragging their feet on agreeing to a new site for the Agency on Aging. The AOA provides many services to our elderly citizens. The need to have a safe and adequate building to do this job is important to all seniors as well as the staff and volunteers.

I have been to the site on Kelly Road many times. Recently, I went on a tour through the kitchen ad storage areas. I am not a building or health inspector, but I easily picked out health and safety concerns, such as hanging electrical cords, water on the floor in the food storage area and freezers sitting outside the building. All of which have caused injury to staff members costing the county money. We also need to remember that many of our volunteers are working in questionable safety conditions at the AOA building on Kelly Road.

I do not believe that “farming out” the Meals on Wheels program is the answer to that problem. Having the meals provided by an outside source will increase the cost of the meals provided, a cost most seniors cannot afford. Also, the quality of the food may not be the same as is provided at this time.

I am asking the county commissioners to make wise choices in these matters that will affect some very special people – senior citizens. Please bear in mind, in the not so distant future these decisions may affect you and your family members.

I am proud to be a volunteer and would appreciate safer working conditions for all volunteers.

Roxy Larsen
Site manager of the North Valley Senior Center

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