LETTER: Fast and Furious in Texas?

By Beacon Staff

The Texas district attorney and assistant district attorney are assassinated along with his wife. The media blurbs that “… it must be the white supremacist, KKK.” Where do they get this information? The left wing is toying with disaster, and no one recognizes its infantile behavior. The American people should be wary and see if it releases the ballistics that reveal whether these weapons are connected with the “Fast and Furious” automatic weapon giveaway to Mexico. This well-orchestrated assassination is not the product of “hillbillies on moonshine.” These murders are cold blooded and professional. Its purpose is to intimidate the rest of law enforcement. Why should a police officer, or a drug enforcement agent risk their life, and have all efforts thrown out of court by judges who fear for their life?

This occurs in border towns in Mexico, and now it is beginning in America. Common sense indicates the pendulum of fear is swinging full force against our own law enforcement officials. The federal government will not protect its citizens, or state law. The media journalists are lying through their teeth, as they once did in Germany when fearful of the Nazis they joined the parade. We will probably see Attorney General Eric Holder step up and demand confiscation of weapons from Texas grandmothers.

The federal government appears to have abdicated its power to protect the people. It no longer represents the best interests of those it governs. It is obviously lying, and the news media, mostly led by left-wing TV celebrities hope to be rewarded by the cover up.? What will our great leader eventually say? “Let me protect you from the violent intruders that I, personally, have armed in defiance of the law and of Congress. I and Mr. Eric Holder assert executive privilege, again, for your own good. Just trust me!”

Mike Donohue

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