LETTER: Daines to be Commended

By Beacon Staff

Just 90 days into his role as Montana’s sole congressman, Representative Steve Daines has expressed support for legislation that will protect 400,000 acres of Forest Service lands on the western boundary of Glacier National Park. To say that this is a landmark occasion might be an understatement. Daines is to be commended for his actions, clearly making the statement that our outdoor spaces contribute not only to the aesthetic value of Montana, but also to the value that our public lands bring to the economies surrounding our national parks.

Introducing legislation that promotes economic growth in a region that enjoys the benefits of a robust tourism influence is a statement that has not been made by a republican representative of Montana in nearly 30 years. Daines shows the courage and the dedication that is needed to protect our outdoor heritage, recognizing the importance of preserving Montana’s public lands.

Public lands contribute to job growth, investment, and opportunity for a wide variety of innovative businesses in Montana. Research shows that our outdoor industry supports $5.8 billion in visitor spending, and data also shows a correspondence between access to open space and economic growth in the communities surrounding it. At our own company, the proximity to places like Glacier National Park is one of our primary recruiting tools for attracting the top-notch talent we need. Kudos to Daines for supporting our economy through the protection of the North Fork of the Flathead, and for setting in motion a long awaited collaborative effort to protect our public lands.

Reed Gregerson
President, the ZaneRay Group

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