Glacier Perks Coffee House

By Beacon Staff

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than a good cup of coffee, or perfectly brewed espresso, or a hearty breakfast burrito, or freshly baked, homemade cinnamon roll. Whatever your choice, there’s no better place than Glacier Perks Coffee House in Lakeside.

Glacier Perks offers savory breakfast and lunch items, delectable baked goods, and the freshest coffee, cappuccino and espresso around (seriously, the espresso is the best I’ve had since I was in Europe last year).

No matter what you’re having, the fresh, natural taste isn’t an accident – it’s a commitment of the hardworking owners Ashley and Jeremiah. They’re devoted to using fresh, natural and local ingredients. Some of their local sources include Fieldheads Coffee, Kalispell Kreamery and Redneck Meats, just to name a few.

Focusing on local sources isn’t just something Ashley and Jeremiah do with ingredients; they use local resources for practically everything in the shop.

For example, local ceramic artist Brian Rumage handcrafted their dishes, cups and other tableware. A local metal works shop, Ironbird Forge and Hammer, designed their tables, countertops and other parts of the décor. And once you settle in a cozy spot, you’ll likely notice the work of local artists adorning the walls and other locally made items for sale around the shop.

Using local ingredients and suppliers not only makes for delicious food, it makes an abundance of sense, especially since Ashley and Jeremiah explained how they opened Glacier Perks as a commitment: a commitment to their family – and the community. Ashley explained, “We love to cook for our family and friends and we serve everyone in the shop as if they were guests in our home.”

Ashley also explained how she and Jeremiah wanted to be a part of the community. And how they wanted to provide a place for people to meet and enjoy themselves, whether it was people starting off their day with a healthy breakfast and great coffee, or kids and parents stopping in on their way home from school for a nutritious snack, or folks just idly sipping a fresh-brewed coffee or iced latte.

Their commitment to serving great food and serving the community certainly shows in the care and attention that goes into the preparation of the food and baked goods (and the drinks as well).

Maybe it has something to do with how they grew up. Ashley grew up always being around family – and always baking, as she recalled. While Jeremiah grew up in northern Canada in a self-sufficient family that did everything for themselves, from making their own lard to growing all their own vegetables (no wonder cooking and baking with all natural ingredients comes naturally for them).

Their experience, hard work, commitment – and caring – shows in the food and service at Glacier Perks. Even their most sublimely decadent deserts seem more natural and a bit more nutritious (at least, that’s the excuse I’m using).

And aside from the breakfast and lunch items on the menu, there’s always something special to be had with their soup of the day, baked goods and other specials. You might even find the hearty yak chili (the yak is actually raised by Jeremiah’s father). And luckily, throughout the day there’s usually plenty of delicious lemon bars and scones on hand.

Glacier Perks Coffee House is open 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday (and closed Monday). Aside from the cozy tables inside, they also have tables outside, so you can enjoy some great weather as well.

No matter where you choose to sit, if you haven’t tried Glacier Perks for coffee, breakfast, lunch or an afternoon snack, you owe it to yourself. Glacier Perks is one of the rare places where you can find deliciously simple, honest, wholesome food.

Glacier Perks Coffee House is located on U.S. Highway 93, next to Volunteer Park, in Lakeside.

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