Does Benghazi Matter?

By Beacon Staff
By John Fuller

Which shallow, cold-hearted person issued the orders to abandon the brave Americans fighting for their lives at Benghazi?

When an official representative of the sovereignty of the United States is brutally murdered and the brave warriors attempting to save him are abandoned by their government, why did the highest levels of that government lie to the American people about what happened?

Was the Benghazi attack and its aftermath the result of incompetence or a dishonest cover up with media complicity?

Who was responsible for the Judas kiss of betrayal to the entire nation? Does it matter now that some say it is ancient history?

On any matter of public policy, there can be honest differences of opinion but there can also be dishonest differences.

It is clear now that the different scenarios about Benghazi are based on dishonesty and lies. Like eating potato chips, people who lie seldom stop at one. Only a Special Counsel and Select Committee of Congress, with subpoena powers commanding witnesses to testify under oath, can peel back the layers of deceit and reveal the truth to the American people.

Since the Senate under Democratic control won’t do it, the House of Representatives must.

The truth matters.

By Joe Carbonari

There are two basic questions to be asked about the way the attack against our consulate in Benghazi was handled.

First, should a more vigorous military response have been ordered? Second, was a politically motivated cover-up attempted?

I can’t answer the first question. I can only say that an independent investigation headed by Mike Mullen, a former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Thomas J. Pickering, a former ambassador, reported that more aggressive action would not have saved lives.

There are many who disagree, and many, including myself, who feel that a greater military response, successful or not, would have had a more positive psychological effect, and hopefully a bit of preventative value.

Our seeming timidity invites attacks.

On the question of a political cover-up, I have no doubt that attempts were made to downplay both the lack of preparedness and the degree of seriousness of the terroristic threat involved.

Susan Rice was not believable when she spoke from her talking points. It was a foolish attempt to downplay the strength of the terrorist threat we still faced and of our alarming lack of preparedness to defend ourselves.

It came at a critical juncture in the presidential campaign. It was understandable, but deplorable and unacceptable. We’ve paid a high price. Now it’s time to move on.

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