LETTER: The Risk of Being Risk Adverse

By Beacon Staff

Benjamin Franklin said, “Anyone who trades liberty for security deserves neither liberty nor security.” I find these words most apropos today. Our society as a whole has become so risk adverse every calamity requires an insurance policy or legislation to ensure “ it can’t happen again.” In an effort to make our workplace safe, we’ve allowed OSHA and MSHA to mandate so many safeguards we can’t work efficiently. Instead of ridding society of the lunatics that perpetuate school shootings, our leaders advocate giving up the right to bear arms. It seems we can’t have a storm anymore without it qualifying for “disaster area” status. And what in the world is the minute-by-minute report in the news media on the condition of Nelson Mandela? Can’t someone die of old age anymore? Apparently, we are so petrified by the possibility of a terrorist attack such as 9/11 we are willing to forego the freedoms contained in the Bill of Rights and spend so much of our national treasure for security that future generations will still be paying for it. Why do I have the definite sensation I am a passenger on a ship of fools?

Bill Payne

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