Dragon Fever

By Beacon Staff

In honor of this weekend’s Dragon Boat Festival, let’s talk about dragons.

And not just any dragons, but shape-shifting dragons who also happen to be smoking-hot shirtless men (at least according to the book covers).
Yes, I’m serious.

I should note that one of my favorite librarian tasks is choosing which books to buy for the library. I get to choose all the fiction, so I read a lot of book reviews. Now, the romance reviews are my least favorite, especially the ones with lords and dukes and princesses and – gag – happy-sappy endings. No offense if you love those books. They’re just not my thing. However, the sci-fi/fantasy romance reviews are really fun to read, because they’re so implausible. These books are so over the top I might actually read one.

This is our permission to take reading less seriously and try something fun and totally indulgent, like steamy dragon shape-shifter romances. Here are a few to get you started.

“Dragon Kin” series by G. A. Aiken. Beautiful and strong women must choose between handsome, arrogant men and sensuous dragons.

“Dragonfire” series by Deborah Cooke. Surfers, photographers and scientists mix with dragon shape-shifters and plenty of passion.

“Light Dragon” series by Katie MacAlister. Dragons, damsels, magic and intrigue. Plus tattooed, muscled dragon-men on the book covers.

So, dragon shape-shifters. Are they sexy? More so than werewolves or vampires? We must know. Vote this week in the library’s Facebook survey.

To cool off, head down to the lake and watch the dragon boat races.

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