After the Shutdown

By Beacon Staff
By John Fuller

Because of the total capitulation of some House and most Senate Republicans, the government shutdown (or slimdown) is over (temporarily) and the Democrats, their liberal media shills and their low-information followers are claiming victory.

And a victory of sorts it is. The Republicans got nothing they wanted.

The talking heads will be pontificating that the “extreme” Republicans were taught a lesson, the Tea Party is dead, and that the Republicans had better nominate politically correct, unimaginative, compromising, minority-favoring, hermaphroditic candidates in 2014 and 2016 or face extinction.

But what has Obama really won? Yes, he saved Obamacare temporarily, got the debt ceiling raised and a continuing resolution for a few months. But he still has a gridlocked Congress, and the Republicans are wounded; but a wounded beast is the most dangerous.

The country has seen this administration clearly for the first time for what it really is.

It is a mean-spirited, arrogant, thuggish and brutish group of dogmatic individuals bent on destroying any and every impediment to its socialistic and tyrannical agenda. This is a broken presidency that will live out its last days lazily claiming that all that is wrong is Bush’s fault.

New Republican leadership will emerge; leadership like Sen. Ted Cruz – those unafraid to tell the truth to the American people.

By Joe Carbonari

The willingness of those in the extremist wing of the Republican Party to give it their all for what they believe in would be much more laudable if they didn’t risk taking the rest of us, and the economy of the world, with them.

The fear that the implementation of Obamacare will result in the ultimate socialization of America, and then to our subsequent demise, led to the Tea Party’s recent extortionist demands and the hijacking of the House Republican caucus.

Their strategy of tying the operation of the U.S. government and of the payment of our debts to the defunding of Obamacare was an ill-conceived, irresponsible overreach. It is indicative of the shortsightedness, ill temper, and lack of understanding that marks its leadership.

Our world is changing, and it will continue to change. We cannot return to “simpler” times by demanding it, nor can we stop change simply by refusing to accept it.

We must adapt, and we must do it in a manner that respects the intrinsic rights, and dignity, of those involved.

We have let opportunist leaders misinform and mislead too many of our friends and neighbors.

Our courtesy and goodwill has led many of us to let blatant misrepresentation and glaringly shallow thought pass unchallenged. It’s time we started calling “bat crap” when we hear it.

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