LETTER: Is it too Late to Take Our Government Back?

By Beacon Staff

The American people are becoming increasingly disenchanted with their government. Recent polls indicate the greatest dissatisfaction rate ever. Stupid laws, excessive regulation, exorbitant taxes, wasteful spending, immoral behavior by our leaders and corruption at all levels suggest to me either a high level of incompetence or else our elected officials are under the control of something besides the people they are supposedly representing.

Nearly every treaty, trade agreement, policy, executive order, and law passed in the past several years has worked to the detriment of the people, but has benefited the banking cartel and multinational corporations. The 2008 financial meltdown was clearly caused by illegal action and money manipulation by the banking cartel yet not a single banker went to jail. They were, in fact, saved from ruin by the American taxpayer (the largest transfer of wealth in history). The Supreme Court rulings allowing corporate contributions to election campaigns and finding Obama care constitutional are patently pro giant corporations and a detriment to the people.

I believe these examples of all three branches of our government demonstrate an allegiance to the global banking cartel just by themselves, but this proposition is reinforced every day when the question is asked: who benefits the most when a bill is passed, a mandate imposed or a judicial ruling rendered?

Is it too late to take our government back? Is it even possible for an honest true representative of the people to win an election today without the tacit approved and financial backing of the global elites?

Bill Payne

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