The Food Issue

By Beacon Staff

he Flathead Valley’s extensive suite of dining options has transformed this far-flung corner of Montana into an unlikely pleasure center for foodies, and this week the Beacon highlights some palate-pleasing eateries, from budget lunch options at an array of food carts to fine dining at acclaimed restaurants — nearly all of them emphasizing local, seasonal ingredients.

While Montana might not be widely known as a mecca for gustatory sensualists, the Flathead has managed to hit the honor roll with its panoply of cordon bleus dishing out marquee meals and original, artisanal fare. Wine bars, craft cocktails and hop-heavy craft beer will entice imbibers of all tastes, and patrons will avert sticker shock when they see the sensible price tags.

To provide a definitive guide to the local cuisine would be an exhaustive endeavor, and this snapshot of bouchons, breweries and bars only begins to touch on the full extent of the region’s epicurean appeal.

But in a state better known for its greasy spoons and chophouses than as a destination for discerning gastronomes, this culinary catalogue should help usher diners and drinkers in the right direction.

Find something you like? Just ask your friendly local server or bartender about their preferences for food and drink in the Flathead Valley, and don’t forget to tip.

Bon appetit from the Beacon!

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