LETTER: All Four GOP House Candidates Support Conservative Values

By Beacon Staff

I am writing about the pro-life and pro Second Amendment stance of the current Republican candidates for the U.S. House seat. Matt Rosendale, Elsie Arntzen, Corey Stapleton and Ryan Zinke are pro-life and pro Second Amendment, all support defunding Planned Parenthood with federal dollars and believe that life should be protected. Ryan Zinke is the only one of the four who actually carried and presented a pro-life bill for Right to Life of Montana, the Unborn Victims of Homicide bill, which is now law in Montana.

All four candidates have a strong voting record on your right to own firearms and will probably get endorsements from the NRA for this stance. Zinke is a former Navy SEAL and SEAL Team 6 commander. He is the only one of the four who has actually fired a firearm at an enemy combatant in war.

As the lobbyist for Right to Life, my job is to educate the public on the truth of abortion and other conservative values and the pro-life stance of candidates. Anyone of the four candidates support life, conservative values, limited government and the U.S. Constitution.

Gregg Trude

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