America Now a Nanny State

What we’ve built in the past 238 years with great determination, ingenuity and sacrifice is beginning to fall apart

In just a little more than 100 years, the United States went from a newly established nation to become the most powerful country in the world and in all of history. It accomplished this unprecedented leap because it’s masterfully written Constitution allowed the diverse talents of its immigrant population to blossom without impediment. Shortly after the dawn of the 20th century, however, our country began to commit a series of blunders that gradually began to slow our progress. Giving control of our currency to the banking cartel (Federal Reserve Act) was the first of these. The 17th amendment to our Constitution with election of senators by popular vote instead of by state legislatures set the stage for usurpation of state rights. The 16th amendment allowed the federal government to collect income tax and led to its becoming an inefficient colossus. Intervention in the affairs of other nations over the past 100 years has also worked to erode our might. Today our once great nation is in peril. Our people have not been vigilant and have allowed government to assume powers not intended by our founding fathers. Our representatives in Congress are more interested in reelection that doing the people’s business. They are beholden to the special interests that finance their election campaigns rather than to their constituents.

The global elites are working diligently to destroy our republic so they can install their one world order. They have nearly succeeded. They dominate our national policies and are now gaining control at state and local levels as well. Over the past 100 years, these elite gangsters have managed to convince us that we should send most of the rewards of our toil to Washington and then receive our dole as they see fit to dispense it. In just 100 years we’ve gone from the greatest nation in history to a European-style nanny state. What we’ve built in the past 238 years with great determination, ingenuity and sacrifice is beginning to fall apart. The final step before becoming total slaves to our masters, however, requires the confiscation of our firearms (our last line of defense against tyranny). We can expect a great push in this area in the days ahead.

Bill Payne