Schnebel’s Business and Tourism Background an Asset

I believe that Stacey Schnebel will integrate your viewpoint into her decision making with sensitivity, intelligence and good humor

By Rebecca Norton

I believe that Stacey Schnebel is an ideal candidate for our open Flathead County commission seat and urge you to vote for her. She has a strong background in small business, technology and our tourism economy. While most of us would probably like Montana to remain our own “Last Best Place,” with only just over 1 million people living here, tourism helps us pay the bills: In 2013, tourism brought in a record amount. The Montana Department of Commerce reports “without tourism tax dollars, it is estimated that each Montana household would have to pay $544 in additional local and state taxes.” Because Ms. Schnebel has worked in the business and tourism industries in Whitefish, Coram, West Glacier and Columbia Falls she has an intimate knowledge of half of the county, as well as established working relationships with people in those communities and on a statewide level. She owns homes in Coram and Whitefish (and did when she voted there, legally per our county election office), and knows both communities well.

Her opponent has been active in one town only, Whitefish, with its unique character, and does not have the broad understanding of how these other areas of our county work. I also appreciate Ms. Schnebel’s drive to learn about what her job would entail as a county commissioner. She’s met with every department head and attended various meetings to educate herself about the real duties of a county commissioner. She is a quiet, intense listener and answers the “real” question, even if its not one you want to hear. (For example, I’ve worked hard to keep the Whitefish “doughnut” planning in Whitefish, but she is supportive of immediate zoning for the county residents “so they can move on with their lives.”) I respect her willingness to speak honestly and be decisive about situations in our community that have been difficult to work out. If you show up to our public process with concerns, I believe that Stacey Schnebel will integrate your viewpoint into her decision making with sensitivity, intelligence and good humor. It is a pleasure to be able to consider a candidate with high ethical and business acumen for this position, as well as great “people” skills, and I would encourage you to elect her to lead us for the next six years as our county commissioner. She will be a pleasure for all of us to work with.

Rebecca Norton

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